Auto Glass Week2022 Finalist

WRO Finalists
Alfredo Calva
Macenzie Curbow
Mauricio Hernandez
TJ Tirado

AGTO Finalists
Alfredo Calva
Daniel Jaimes
Jorge Sandoval
Macenzie Curbow

Everything is hotter in Texas, and now so is the prize money for the Auto Glass Week™ 2022. An additional $6,000 in prize monies and a new competition have been added. The total purse for all competitions is now just under $100,000.


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PAST WINNERS | Please click here for a list of past AGTO, WRO, CSR and Calibration competition winners.


XYG Auto Glass Technician Competition (AGTO) | Registration Deadline: August 5, 2022

The AGTO is designed to honor the technician who completes the best automotive glass installation. Areas to be judged include: professionalism, credentials and knowledge; technician comportment and vehicle safety inspection; proper product, equipment and tools usage; proper auto glass removal and installation procedures and techniques; and post-installation and customer procedures.

Prize Package
First Place: $10,000     Second Place: $2,500     Third Place: $1,000

Click Here to Register for AGTO

Delta Kits Windshield Repair Competition (WRO) | Registration Deadline: August 5, 2022

The WRO is designed to recognize the technician who performs the best windshield repair. The areas to be judged include: professional attire, greeting to the client, technical behavior, preparation of the vehicle, proper use of tools and products, quality of the repair technique and appearance of the complete repair, post-repair and customer procedures, in-depth knowledge and ROLAGS® proficiency.

Prize Package
First Place: $5,000     Second Place: $2,500     Third Place: $1,000

Click Here to Register for WRO

Auto Glass Customer Service Representative (CSR) Competition | Registration Deadline: July 15, 2022

The CSR competition is designed to recognize those who are the voice of the auto glass industry – the individuals who interact with customers on behalf of an organization and work hard to secure business for years to come. Competitors will participate in a “mystery shopper” experience during the preliminary rounds and graded by a team of judges. The top scorers will be invited to compete in person in the finals round at Auto Glass Week 2022.

Prize Package
Grand Prize: $2,500

Click Here to Register for CSR 

Auto Glass Calibration Competition, sponsored by LAUNCH TECH USA | Registration Deadline: July 15, 2022

The Auto Glass Technician Calibration Competition is a competition designed to find and honor the auto glass technician who completes the best auto glass calibration. Competitors may use any calibration system from sponsoring manufacturers during the com­petition. Areas to be judged: in-depth knowledge, calibration assessment and preparation, material assembly and placement, static calibration proce­dure, post-calibration procedure.

Prize Package
Grand Prize: $5,000

Click Here to Register for Calibration Competition


COMPETITOR  MEETING Please plan to arrive in San Antonio on Tuesday, September 13. 
Competitor check-in and meetings will be held on the day prior to the competitions.

You must have been employed as a technician in a bonafide automotive glass company within the last year and have at least one year of experience as a technician in the industry in order to compete. Owners or managers of supplier companies may not compete. Competitors must be 18 years of age by the end of the competition.

Competitors or competition fees are not refundable. Once you are registered a refund cannot be processed, even if a manufacturer wishes to sponsor you. Please check with your manufacturer prior to registering for the competition.


All competitors must agree, comply and adhere with all rules and regulations throughout the competition. The rules and regulations are included in the competitor packets that are linked below.

► Auto Glass Technician Competition (AGTO) Competitor Packet

► Windshield Repair Competition (WRO) Competitor Packet

► Auto Glass CSR Competition Competitor Packet

Auto Glass Calibration Competition Competitor Packet


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