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Educational Program: Cybercrime – How to Stay Safe Against Ransomware Shutdowns and Other Threats

When a prominent auto glass supplier was hacked in January 2022, taking down its ordering system for weeks, it was proof that no company is immune to cyberattacks. A 20-year FBI veteran and security expert uses real-life examples of the latest hacks, security breaches, and computer scams to demonstrate how cybercrime occurs and what countermeasures …

Educational Program: Young Guns – Meet Your Future Employee—and the Next Generation of Auto Glass Specialists

Whether it’s an auto glass technician, a customer service representative, or a company owner, learn why the under-35 set views auto glass as a viable career. They’ll share how you can attract young people to your company—and keep them there. Find out what they want from an employer and how the younger generation can be …

Educational Program: New Ways to Find Employees

As demand for employees far exceeds supply, the traditional methods of building your workforce no longer works. Come hear some of the new and out-of- the-box strategies auto glass companies utilize to attract workers who stay. Speaker: Debra Levy, president of Key Media & Research, publisher of AGRR™ magazine and its news service

Educational Program: Roll Call – Calibration-Related Legislation to Affect Your Business

Legislation regarding ADAS/calibration was introduced in Virginia and Massachusetts, and similar legislation is being considered in Arizona, Illinois, and Maryland. Some of the proposed language could negatively impact smaller, independent glass shops by reducing competition in the auto glass industry and negatively impacting safety. These bills are complex economic regulations that seek to regulate pricing, …

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