For Your Health

The following procedures have been developed for Auto Glass Week™. Do not attend if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. EMT personnel will be on site.

The Global Biorisk Advisory Council [GBAC] awarded Rosen Plaza, Rosen Centre and OCCC the esteemed accreditation into its performance-based GBAC STAR™ Facility Program. This acknowledges that the convention center’s and hotels’ protocols for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention to protect guests and associates complies with GBAC’s 20-point auditing system.


At the Host Hotel
• Face coverings required for those not fully vaccinated;
• Hand sanitizer stations at reception areas, entrances, stairs, elevators;
• Daily cleaning of all door handles and frequent contact surfaces; and
• Deep hotel cleaning.
Rosen Plaza’s Total Commitment
Rosen Centre’s Total Commitment

In the Convention Center
• Face coverings required for those not fully vaccinated;
• Physical distancing to maintain a 6-ft. separation from others;
• Hand sanitizer dispensers placed throughout;
• Elbow pops encouraged instead of handshakes; and
• Daily cleaning of door handles and frequent contact surfaces.

At the Registration Counter
• Counters and equipment disinfected between use; and
• Barriers at check-in and information stations.

In the Seminar Rooms
• Appropriate distancing and layout in extra large rooms;
• Rooms in compliance with mandated occupancy limits; and
• Daily cleaning of all chairs, tables and equipment.

In the Exhibition Hall
• Attendee walkways expanded to a width of 20 feet;
• Social distanced exhibitor booth, demo and competition areas; and
• Hand sanitizer dispensers placed throughout.


Please note these protocols may be updated from time to time.