ADAS: Research, Training, Association Efforts & More (CEU)
With recalibration being an integral part of the auto glass installation process, learn from a variety of industry segments regarding the efforts of various associations, research organizations and those involved in training efforts.
Speakers: Emily Jackson is the marketing director for Mygrant Glass, and leads Mygrant’s ADAS training and technical team; George Lesniak is the director of ADAS sales and training for Autel; Chris Gutierrez, head of research and development at Protech Automotive Solutions, and part of the CIECA calibration committee; Jacques Navant, technical di-rector, Don’s Mobile Glass/The Calibration Station, and chair of the AGSC ADAS committee; and Eric Newell, VP of field operations and business development for AirPro Diagnostics. The session will be moderated by AGRR editorial director Tara Taffera.