Keynote: You Say More Than You Think When It Comes to Sales
If you think this is another general business seminar, think again. This session will leave you with strong concrete ways to assess customers and suppliers to increase sales and lower costs. Janine Driver, a former federal law enforcement officer and CEO of the Body Language Institute, will serve as Auto Glass Week’s keynote speaker. See why this amazing speaker always leaves her audiences talking and wanting more. You likely know at least one person who easily connects with almost everyone she or he meets. These natural rapport-builders are able to create a sense of trust and understanding almost instantly. Imagine how powerful it would be to your professional (and personal) life if you knew the verbal and non-verbal secrets that the greatest leaders, top sales people, and highly regarded corporate titans use regularly to break down barriers to and build up trust. Throughout this session Janine will teach you essential methodologies on reading and using body language for your advantage. Whether you are looking to influence others, seize opportunity, establish rapport, negotiate business deals or detect deception, these helpful guidelines from Janine is not to be missed.
Speaker: Janine Driver is the CEO of the Body Language Institute, an exclusive certification program that provides companies and leaders the fastest way to save time and make money. She is also the New York Times best-selling author of “You Say More Than You Think,” and an international trainer and keynote speaker providing salespeople, professionals, and executives with cutting-edge, scientifically based communication tools on how to win new business, increase sales, improve selection of salespeople and staff, and generate a significant return on investment. She is a popular media guest, with appearances on shows including Dr. Oz Show, Anderson Cooper, NBC’s TODAY and NBC’s Weekend TODAY, FOX News, and CNN’s Larry King Live.